Thursday, January 31, 2008

Also Uyen and I have started to work ( even if we have not done much yet) on our next collaboration with First Second. It's going to be an adventure story in 3 volumes (yes that's a lot of pages, roughly around 450, aaaaaah I'm exhausted just to think of it...) which takes place in medieval Paris. It's going to be great to work on that period since the Paris of these days is completely gone and is nowhere to be seen anymore (except Notre Dame). We've already done a lot of research and Jordan, the writer, gave us tons of books on the subject. The first volume is pretty much ready to go for us so we will start defining and designing the characters more precisely in the coming month (we hope. that is if we can work out some time from Leo). The story is very dense and has lots of characters (at least 15 ) so that is going to take so time to get done.
Meanwhile here are some very early sketches...

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